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Abdul Aziz al-Bakari was a billionaire from Saudi Arabia who helped finance terrorist attacks in Europe.

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Al-Bakari financed the attack on the Vatican in which Pope Paul VII was severely injured. When the Office learned of his involvement and his interest in art, it placed Sarah Bancroft into his party with the aid of the CIA. Sarah identified the planner of the Vatican attack, Ahmed bin Shafiq, but before Gabriel Allon is able to extract her from her position she was discovered. Al-Bakari had her abducted and flown secretly to Switzerland where she is interrogated prior to her planned execution. Gabriel, Mikhail Abramov and other Office agents caught up with the abductors. Gabriel and Mikhail killed all of al-Bakari's men, including two Swiss, and saved Sarah.

Afterward, when al-Bakari had returned to Cannes, Uzi Navot led an operation including Gabriel Allon that executed al-Bakari and two of his bodyguards. His daughter cried for revenge.

Blue Line

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