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Adrian Carter is a deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency. He is the Office's and Gabriel Allon's primary contact with the United States intelligence community.

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The Kill Artist Edit

Carter met with Ari Shamron at King Saul Boulevard. Carter cautioned Ari about operating on the home soil of any of the western intelligence agencies because the Office had agreed not to do so, reminding Ari that CIA and the other agencies would react harshly if the Office broke any of its agreements. Afterward, Ari suspected that Carter had leaked information about the operation to the media.

A Death in Vienna Edit

Adrian met with Ari, Gabriel and Chiara in The Plains, Virginia after the latter two had been evacuated from Argentina by U.S. special operators. He explained the truth behind Erich Radek's appearance as Ludwig Vogel. The four conceived a plan to capture Radek and make him choose to go to Israel by threatening to reveal his son's parentage. They planned to meet again in Zurich in forty-eight hours.

The Messenger Edit

Adrian met with Gabriel Allon in London to discuss matters relating to the attack on the Vatican and on Ari Shamron; Ahmed bin Shafiq and Abdul Aziz al-Bakari were subjects of the conversation.

The Secret Servant Edit

Carter received Gabriel Allon's telephone call about the terrorist threat and notified the CIA station at the American Embassy in London. When he learned that the ambassador's daughter was outside the embassy, he called Gabriel and asked him to intervene. Adrian met with Gabriel at CIA headquarters and showed him the DVD sent by Elizabeth Halton's abductors; he asked Gabriel to oversee the investigation.

Moscow Rules Edit

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Portrait of a Spy Edit

Carter met with Gabriel Allon in Georgetown to talk about the three most recent terrorist bombings.

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  • Spoke seven languages fluently and understood seven others.
  • Father was an Episcopal minister.
  • Volunteers at his Episcopal church in feeding the hungry.
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