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Background Edit

Anton Orsati was a don on the island of Corsica. He once killed another don over an argument about failure to pay for the labor of the Signadora's husband. He employed the Christopher Keller and others as assassins. His band of professionals was considered to be reliable. They killed on contract for the very rich.

Appearances Edit

The English Assassin Edit

Orsati sent Keller to kill a man. When the Englishman returned to Corsica, Orsati had other missions for him. Eventually, Keller failed to complete one of the missions and confessed his failure to Orsati. After Keller explained, Orsati offered to help him kill a worse villain.

The English Girl Edit

The Heist Edit

Orsati allowed Gabriel Allon to borrow the talents of Christopher Keller for a price.

The English Spy Edit

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