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Anton Petrov was a former KGB assassin who started selling his services to wealthy Russians.

Appearance Edit

Petrov was hired to abduct Grigori Bulganov and Chiara Zolli. After Vladimir Chernov identified Petrov, the Office set up a trap at Becker & Puhl Bank. Sarah Bancroft played the part of the secretary, Uzi Navot played the paert of the security guard and Konrad Becker reluctantly helped. Eventually, Sarah had to shoot Petrov twice and Uzi finished him with blows to his head. They took Petrov to a house in northern Germany and after eight hours of interrogation Petrov described the dacha near Moscow where Grigori Bulganov and Chiara Zolli were being held.

Afterward, Petrov was taken to a prison in the Negev Desert of Israel, where he was interrogated. He managed to "escape" and his body was found by some Bedouins.