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Argentina is a country in South America. Following World War II, many Nazis were able to escape from Europe and were welcomed in Argentina.

Key Events Edit

A Death in Vienna Edit

Gabriel Allon consults with Alfonso Ramirez in an attempt to locate Erich Radek. Gabriel follows what he believes is a solid lead, only to find that that man he thought was Radek was not. An assasin attempts to kill both Gabriel and Chiara Zolli but breaks off when he sees others. The others prove to be U.S. special operators, who take Gabriel and Chiara to the United States by way of Chile.

The Rembrandt Affair Edit

Gabriel Allon consults with Alfonso Ramirez again to uncover background information about Martin Landesmann. Ramirez provides some information and is then killed by a bomb probably meant to kill Gabriel and Chiara.

The English Spy Edit

Christopher Keller tracks down and kills Eamon Quinn.

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