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Background Edit

Becker & Puhl Bank was a private bank near the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich, Switzerland. Konrad Becker had been the visible owner of the bank since its first appearance.

Appearances Edit

The English Assassin Edit

Anna Rolfe and Gabriel Allon found two safety deposit boxes containing large amounts of currency, sixteen original paintings, including one originally owned by Julian Isherwood's father, and documents, including Augustus Rolfe's Letter addressed to Gabriel. Anna bought the boxes from Becker and she and Gabriel removed them and their contents from the bank.

The Confessor Edit

After meeting with Eric Lange, Carlo Casagrande deposited Lange's fee for his next killing in a safety deposit box at Becker & Puhl Bank.

A Death in Vienna Edit

Becker & Puhl Bank managed an account established after World War II. The account was established to finance the rebirth of the German Reich; among the beneficiaries were Enrique Calderon, Gustavo Estrada and "the Syrian," who had all been murdered. Erich Radek was the sole surviving beneficiary of the account. Becker referred to his partner, Herr Puhl who is never seen. The Central Intelligence Agency moved against the bank and acquired control in an unspecified manner.

The Defector Edit

Office agents led by Gabriel Allon and Uzi Navot abduct Anton Petrov. Sarah Bancroft shoots Petrov twice during the abduction. The Israelis later forced Petrov to sign over the money in his safe deposit box to Konrad Becker as a payment for Becker's assistance.

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