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Christopher Keller was an assassin. Before that, he had served with the British Special Air Service. In England, he was believed by everyone, including his parents, to have been killed by friendly fire in Iraq. He lived on the island of Corsica. He wore a charm in the shape of a hand made of coral that had been given to him by the Signadora. While assisting in the search for Eamon Quinn in The English Spy, he again became loyal to the United Kingdom and was reunited with his parents.

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Anton Orsati sends Keller to kill a man. Afterward, he returns to Corsica, where he has his fortune told by the Signadora.

Keller later killed Werner Müller and Emil Jacobi separately at the request of Anton Orsati. The tape he took from Jacobi's residence made him dissatisfied with the things he was doing. Orsati gave him dossiers on his next two victims, Gabriel Allon and Anna Rolfe. Keller traveled to Venice but failed to even attempt killing either Gabriel or Anna. He returned to his home on Corsica.

Three months after he failed to kill in Venice, Keller confessed his intentional failure to Anton Orsati and showed Orsati a dossier he had assembled about Otto Gessler. Keller and Orsati discussed honor and justice as distinguished from vengeance. Orsati revealed that he was the assassin who had killed for the Signadora. Keller, assisted by Orsati, killed Gessler while he was swimming.

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Keller starts off in South England where he attends the Intelligence Officers New Entry Course that should prepare the new agents for their future work at the MI6. Because of his past, Christopher managed to do everything perfectly and brought a surveillance team from A4 to desperation with his abilities. On the last day when the absolvents should be driven to London, Christopher was missing. He had taken up walking to the safehouse where he met with Graham Seymour.

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Christopher Keller is the only principal antagonist to survive his encounter with Gabriel Allon. He is also the only antagonist to redeem himself by killing another villain.

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