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For the old ones, memory is like a stack of china. If you try to pull a plate from the middle, the whole thing comes crashing down.
— Eli Lavon
— A Death in Vienna

Background Edit

Eli Lavon was a survivor of Operation Wrath of God, where he had been an ayin, or tracker, for Gabriel Allon. He had retired from active service with the Office and operated Wartime Claims and Inquiries.

Key Events Edit

The English Assassin Edit

Eli explained financial documents Gabriel Allon found in Augustus Rolfe's villa and traced information about paintings. Eli later assisted in the abduction of a Swiss official.

The Confessor Edit

Eli pointed out to Gabriel that the Vatican was the one government that the Nazis did not want voicing objections to the Final Solution to the Jewish Question.  Eli called the Vienna Station of the Office.  Ephraim Ben-Avraham was sent to meet Gabriel and take him to the secure communications facility in the Israeli embassy.

A Death in Vienna Edit

Eli was nearly killed when Wartime Claims and Inquiries was bombed. The bombing set off the inquiry that led to the discovery that Erich Radek was still living in Vienna. Eli was hospitalized for a time in Vienna but, at Gabriel Allon's urging, was moved to Jerusalem.

Prince of Fire Edit

Eli told Gabriel Allon that none of his problems trying to find Khaled al-Khalifa would no

t have happened if Gabriel had let Eli watch his back. Gabriel agreed and asked Eli to find Khaled; Eli was successful.

The Messenger Edit

The Secret Servant Edit

Eli conducted a surveillance.

Moscow Rules Edit

The Defector Edit

The Rembrandt Affair Edit

Portrait of a Spy Edit

The Fallen Angel Edit

The English Girl Edit

The Heist Edit

The English Spy Edit

The Black Widow Edit

House of Spies Edit

The Other Woman Edit

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