Background Edit

Elizabeth Halton was a skilled emergency room doctor and was the daughter of the American ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Appearance Edit

Elizabeth was abducted from Hyde Park in London while she and several others were on a morning run; all her companions were killed. As the search for her and her abductors progressed, she was moved from one location to another in the England. At one point, she tried to save the life of one of her abductors who had been wounded by Gabriel Allon during the abduction. She was unsuccessful and the man's body was used to plant a deceptive indicator that Elizabeth had been moved to continental Europe. Eventually, she was told she was about to be freed although her captors were actually going to execute her along with hundreds or others at Westminster Abbey. Before the two Shaheeds could detonate their bombs Gabriel Allon and Mikhail Abramov killed them. Her father comforted her.