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The Kill Artist Edit

Zev Eliyahu, Israel's ambassador to France, was assassinated in Paris. Tariq al-Hourani flew from Paris to Montreal, Canada. Jacqueline Delacroix changed planes in Paris to fly from London to Montreal.

The English Assassin Edit

Gabriel Allon, Mordecai and Oded conducted a surveillance of Werner Müller, who was later murdered.

The Confessor Edit

Eric Lange crossed to France from England and went on to Paris. Gabriel Allon and Chiara Zolli found Antonella Huber, who gave them the original of Regina Carcassi's Document about the Lake Garda Meeting.

Prince of Fire Edit

Gabriel Allon and his team attempted to apprehend a known terrorist in Marseilles. Gabriel was coerced into following his abducted wife to the Gare de Lyon railway station in Paris where suicide bombers were preparing to blow up the station. Gabriel intervened and killed two of the three bombers, but the station still suffered major damage. He saved Leah and found refuge. Gabriel and Leah were safely evacuated from France by separate routes.

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