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Gerhardt Peterson was the operations director of the Division of Analysis and Protection of Switzerland. Peterson was living beyond the means of his government salary because of the demands of his wife. He had turned to the Council of Rütli to supplement his income. He did not find their goals to be at odds with his work in the service of his country.

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Peterson had heard that Augustus Rolfe was sick and wanted to talk to about his past before he died. At the behest of Otto Gessler, who feared Rolfe would reveal the existence of the Council of Rütli, Peterson had visited Rolfe to attempt to have him change his mind. Because he thought he had been unsuccessful, Peterson sent Werner Müller, an art dealer who had designed Rolfe's security system, to Rolfe's home to steal the paintings Rolfe acquired during World War II. Rolfe, unexpectedly, was home and Müller killed him; Peterson found it necessary to hire a professional assassin to kill Müller.

When the Council of Rütli learned that Gabriel Allon would be visiting Emil Jacobi, it ordered Peterson to have Jacobi killed as well.

Eventually, the Council ordered the deaths of Anna Rolfe and Gabriel Allon, but the assassin, Christopher Keller backed off because of what he learned about Otto Gessler and the Council.

Peterson was abducted by Eli Lavon and others from the Office. Gabriel forced Peterson to take him to Gessler's mountain retreat. Once there, Peterson attacked Gabriel then changed his mind and helped Gabriel escape.

Peterson was later killed by the Council of Rütli.

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  • Köhler
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