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Gilah Shamron is the long-suffering wife of Ari Shamron. She has had watch him leave their home repeatedly over the years during Israel's wars, not knowing when or if he would return. When he retired, she found that having him around the house was a chore.

Key Events Edit

The Confessor Edit

Gilah watched Ari prepare to leave as she had for more than forty years and asked him not to smoke; he said that he would not.

A Death in Vienna Edit

Prince of Fire Edit

Gilah heard about the bombing of the embassy in Rome and sent Ari off to brief the Prime Minister. She asked him not to smoke too much.

The Messenger Edit

After her husband was attacked, Gilah sat in his hospital room and told Gabriel Allon the story behind the unrepaired tear in Ari's jacket.

The Secret Servant Edit

Gilah helps arrange and hosts the wedding of Gabriel Allon to Chiara Zolli.

Moscow Rules Edit

Gilah visited Villa dei Fiori with Ari while Gabriel Allon was recovering from the injury to his eye.

The Defector Edit

When Gilah heard of Chiara Zolli's abduction, she told her husband that Gabriel needed his abba, his father. She told Ari to ignore Amos Sharret and go into work. Throughout all the furor, she continued to visit Leah Allon. After Chiara Zolli had been rescued, Gilah looked after her while Gabriel and others wrought vengeance on Ivan Kharkov.

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