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Hannah Weinberg was a French Jewish woman who was concerned about anti-semitism in France. She was the most significant recorder of the new antisemitic wave in France. Hannah led the Weinberg-center and inherited the portrait Marguerite Gachet at Her Dressing Table from her grandfather Isaac Weinberg.

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The Messenger Edit

Hannah owned Marguerite Gachet at Her Dressing Table. She rented it to the office as bait for Abdul Aziz al-Bakari.

The Rembrandt Affair Edit

Hannah served as a conduit to give the list of names and bank accounts to the Office.

The Black Widow Edit

After three jews had been brutally attacked in Toulouse, Hannah wanted that action to have severe consequences but the French prime minister disappointed her expectations. She decided to host an international conference in the Weinberg-center to raise attention to the antisemitism in France. Before the conference could properly start, a bomb detonated just outside the building. Hannah survived the initial bombing but was found alive in the ruins by Safia Bourihane who killed her.

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