Background Edit

Jacqueline Delacroix was born Sarah Halévy in France. She became as fashion model at age sixteen. Ari Shamron recruited her to the Office and she worked with Gabriel Allon during Operation Wrath of God.

Jacqueline had purchased a home for her parents in Israel. She loved Israel and loved being in Israel; it was the only placed she felt safe enough to let herself be Sarah Halévy.

In spite of her patriotism, Jacqueline was something of a mercenary; she was paid for each operation.

Appearance Edit

After Ari called Gabriel out of retirement to hunt for Tariq al-Hourani, Gabriel found Jacqueline and convinced her to act as the lover of Yusef al-Tawfiki. She demanded payment of fifty thousand dollars. Gabriel told Jacqueline about al-Tawfiki's background, including his having grown up in a particularly bad refugee camp in Lebanon. Gabriel then tested Jacqueline's ability to shoot.

As part of her cover, Jacqueline worked as a receptionist at Isherwood Fine Arts.

As the operation progressed, Jacqueline was left alone with the terrorists and nearly died. She escaped after killing her guards in New York. Gabriel picked her up on a New York street and took her to the building where Yasir Arafat was a guest. A short time later, she killed al-Hourani after al-Hourani had shot Gabriel. Because she had been exposed as a participant in the operation against al-Hourani, she could no longer work as a fashion model; she moved to Israel. She met with Gabriel once and talked about what had happened.

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