Look at the snow, Gabriel. Isn't it beautiful?
— Leah Allon
— various

Background Edit

Leah Allon was the first wife of Gabriel Allon. They met when both were students at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. Most people thought she died with her son, Dani in January 1991. Leah suffered from acute post-traumatic stress syndrome and psychotic depression. Gabriel put her in the Stratford Clinic in England; she did not speak to Gabriel for thirteen years.

Key Events Edit

The Kill Artist Edit

Her mind was virtually destroyed when her car was blown up by a terrorist bomb in Vienna. Gabriel visited Leah at the Stratford clinic; she did not appear to recognize him.

Prince of Fire Edit

Leah was abducted from the Stratford Clinic and was taken to the Gare de Lyon in Paris, France where she and many others were expected to be killed in a terrorist bombing attack aimed at punishing Gabriel and implicating Israel in an act of terrorism. Gabriel thwarted much of the plan and escaped with Leah. When she was returned to Israel she was placed in the Mount Herzl Psychiatric Clinic. She was amazed to learn that Yasir Arafat lived and worked only a few miles from Jerusalem.

The Secret Servant Edit

Later, she became more lucid for short periods. Gabriel divorced Leah with her permission so that he could marry Chiara.

The Defector Edit

Gabriel and Chiara visited Leah while the two were recovering from their ordeal in Russia. Leah and Chiara became friendly toward each other when Leah was in the present.

The Heist Edit

Gabriel visited Leah to tell her that Chiara was pregnant. Leah's condition was unchanged.

The Fallen Angel Edit

The Black Widow Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Leah's maiden name was Savir.[1]
  • After the bombing, Leah was placed in room 2602-C of the Vienna General Hospital.[2]

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