Background Edit

Leila Khalifa was a terrorist who worked with Tariq al-Hourani.

Appearance Edit

Leila introduced al-Hourani to Emily Parker, whom al-Hourani then dated and, after killing Zev Eliyahu, killed. Leila then travelled to Amsterdam, where she befriended a heroin addict who lived on a houseboat, to provide safe lodging for al-Hourani. Leila left Amsterdam before al-Hourani killed Inge and others.

Leila met Jacqueline Delacroix, who was waiting for Tariq al-Hourani, told Jacqueline that plans have changed and flew with Jacqueline to Montreal, Canada. Upon arriving at a hotel, Leila took Jacqueline to a room where al-Hourani was waiting. Leila did not accompany Jacqueline into the room.

Leila was waiting in New York for Tariq and Jacqueline. Leila shackled Jacqueline to a bed but let her up to relieve herself. Jacqueline found a nail file in the bathroom. She used it to stab Leila twice then picked up Leila's gun and shot her through the heart.