Background Edit

Lev Ahroni was the perfect headquarters bureaucrat. He began as Director of Operations (The Kill Artist) and became Director of the Office (three books). He was generally disliked by people who operated in the field, but he was popular with those who spent their working time at King Saul Boulevard.

Key Events Edit

The Kill ArtistEdit

Lev was the chief of operations of the Office when Ari Shamron was recalled to the position of director. Ari could not fire Lev because of Lev's political connections. Ari mounted the operation against Tariq al-Hourani without Lev's knowledge. After Lev learned about the operation, he leaked information to the media. Ari Shamron promised that Lev would suffer for having done that.

The ConfessorEdit

Ari Shamron describes Lev Ahroni as being, with the Prime Minister, a member of a tribunal that constrains Shamron's activities. Ahroni berated Ari Shamron over Gabriel's actions.

A Death in ViennaEdit

Lev, as Director of the Office, objected to the kidnapping/arrest of Erich Radek, but was forced by the Prime Minister to support the operation. Israel announced Radek's arrest, but the announcement faded against other current events. Ahroni tried to label the entire operation as "Shamron's Folly," but found that he had lost his credibility within the Office.

Prince of FireEdit

Lev incorrectly analyzed the start point of the action that publically began with the bombing of the Israeli embassy in Rome. He reluctantly agreed to recall Gabriel Allon. Lev established Gabriel Allon's Team; he tried to place his own informant inside the team, but his choice was deleted accidently when Gabriel cut the size of the team by half. Lev resigned after the inquiry into the debacle at Gare de Lyon was completed.

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