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Luigi Donati was Gabriel Allon's and the Office's point of contact with the Vatican. He was only a priest at the time he moved to Rome following Pope Paul VII's election but was later designated a Monsignor and still later an archbishop.

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Donati was Pope Paul VII's private secretary and was often disliked by members of the Curia because he used the power of the Pope to get things done; this changed for the better after he stepped in front of the Pope and was shot, saving the pontiff's life.

The Confessor Edit

Donati and Pope Paul VII had a secret about the Pope's childhood that impacted on the twentieth century history of the Catholic Church. Paul VII ordered Donati to go to Moscow to search for a report written by Martin Luther, a diplomat with the Third Reich during World War II. Donati got the report from the FSB and gave it to Benjamin Stern, a former member of Operation Wrath of God.

Donati observed while Pope Paul VII informed Cardinal Marco Brindisi that he intended to extend the church's inquiry into actions during World War II and to announce the undertaking at the Great Synagogue of Rome.

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Donati and Gabriel Allon examined found records about Erich Radek.

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