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Background Edit

Her father had been a high ranking KGB general and her mother a typist. Shortly after Madeline's birth she died due to an overdosis sleeping pills with vodka.

Madeline had come into an orphange of the KGB. After some time, the people in charge stopped speaking Russian with her and kept her in silence until the last bits of the language were erased from her mind. Then she was transferred to a unit in which they only spoke English.

Later in her life she was transferred to a training camp of the KGB. There she lived togehter with the man and woman who later would portray her parents. She had a typical English life there.

When she was transferred to England, Madeline lived a normal life and quickly made herself a name within the party of Jonathan Lancaster. She started an affair with him to make him vulnerable for blackmail.

Appearance Edit

The English Girl Edit

Madeline was on vacation in Corsica with her friends when she was abducted.

The English Spy Edit

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