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Natalie Mizrahi is a Jewish doctor working in a level I trauma center outside Jerusalem and a member of the Office. She was born in Algeria and moved to France as a child with her parents where she grew up in Marseilles. When she was a young woman, the family moved to Israel. The reason for their move to Israel was a family-trip to Marseilles in 2011 during which they once more realised that Jews were no longer safe to live in France.

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Natalie is asked to take part in the operation by Gabriel. She should act as Mikhail's wife during the mission and agrees to it. Gabriel takes her with him from Nahalal to Tel Aviv where he brings her to Mikail's apartment for the night instead of an apartment where she could take on her new role in peace.

As Dmitri and Sophie Antonow, Mikhail and Natalie move into Ivan Kharkov's former villa in Saint-Tropez. As the Antonows they live in marital boredom that Gabriel ordered because in his opinion a marriage between a Russian criminal and a French woman would be disturbed with the one or the other fight. After she had breakfast with Mikhail, Natalie goes upstairs to train in their private gym. Then she sets off to go to the city togther with Roland Girard who poses as her bodyguard. Whilst she strolls through the market, she is being seen by Christopher Keller who sits in a café as Nicolas Carnot and joins him. They decide to visit Olivia Watson's gallery and Keller knows that Gabriel would like for Natalie to give her an uppish rebuff. Outside of the gallery they meet Olivia and she tries to engage Natalie into a conversation, but Natalie stays distanced and cool. When Olivia invites Natalie and Mikhail for lunch the following weekend, Natalie tells her shortly that they are already busy at that weekend and says her goodbye purposely using calling her Wilson instead of using her real last name Watson.

Before Jean-Luc Martel and Olivia Watson arrive for lunch at her and Mikhail's villa, Natalie talks to Keller and tells him that she is worried Jean-Luc might recognize her as a jew from Marseilles, but Keller reassures her. According to Gabriel's message after their guests had left her, Mikhail's and Christopher's performances were perfect. She and Mikhail are present during Jean-Luc's interrogation with Keller standing behind her protectively. When Gabriel drew Khalil's face under the instructions of Martel, she gave her consent with the drawing after it was finished and therefore confirmed that Khalil and Saladin were one person.

Natalie, Mikhail and Christopher travel to Morocco together with JLM and Olivia to meet up with Mohammad Bakkar. For that time they have three adjoining suites at the Four Seasons hotel in Casablanca. Since the entrance of the hotel is equipped with a metal detector that all guests and luggage pieces have to pass through the team decides to smuggle the weapons in from the beach - a task that is assigned to Natalie and Olivia. The two women go to the beach and after some time they are joined by Dina. Dina and Natalie happen to carry the exact same handbags and when Dina leaves them they swap the bags. Since the security man of the hotel is more concentrated on staring at Olivia than thoroughly searching their bags, Natalie is able to smuggle the weapons into the hotel without any problems. On the morning of the day on which they will meet up with Mohammad Bakkar, Natalie wakes because of a nightmare during which she thought she was back in Palmyra and beheaded by Saladin. She panics and asks Mikhail to tell Gabriel that she can't go on with the operation because she fears she will give away their real identities in Saladin's presence. Mikhail disagrees with her saying that she is the only person to be able to identify Saladin and then proceeds to comfort her. When they meet up with Olivia and the others Natalie acts as if nothing happened.

Once she and the others have arrived at the camp in the desert and had dinner, Natalie wants to visit the dunes and takes a security man with her after he wanted to stop her claiming that it would be dangerous. After she comes back from the dunes, Natalie joins Olivia and Keller in a tent whilst Mikhail meets up first with Bakkar and then eventually with Saladin. After the negotiations between Mikhail and Saladin have come to an end, Saladin wants to get to know Natalie. Ignoring Mikhail's protest Saladin enters the tent and after looking at Natalie for a short while he leaves again saying that he had been mistaken.

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  • Natalie likes running.
  • The talent scouts from the Office said that her daily consume of white wine was her only weakness.
  • She finished her medical degree in 2011.
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