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Background Edit

Oliver Dimbleby was a perpetual thorn in Julian Isherwood's side. He owned a competing art firm near Isherwood Fine Arts.

Key Events Edit

The Kill Artist Edit

Oliver attempted buy Isherwood Fine Arts after hearing that Julian was in financial trouble; he guaranteed Julian employment. Gabriel Allon gave Julian cash provided for the operation and told him to reject Oliver's offer.

The English Assassin Edit

Oliver burst Julian's bubble by quoting to him the supposedly secret price Julian had just received for selling the Vecellio painting Gabriel had restored.

The Messenger Edit

Oliver tried to learn more about Sarah Bancroft's background than was being published by her employer, Julian.

Moscow Rules Edit

The Rembrandt Affair Edit

Portrait of a Spy Edit

The Heist Edit

Over drinks, Dimbleby convinces Julian Isherwood to travel to the Lake Como region of Italy to examine some paintings.