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Background Edit

Paris is the capital of France

Key Events Edit

The Kill Artist Edit

Zev Eliyahu, his wife, and their bodyguards were murdered by Tariq al-Hourani. Ari Shamron met with Gabriel Allon in places used during operation Wrath of God.

The English Assassin Edit

Gabriel Allon is injured in an explosion.

The Confessor Edit

Eric Lange engaged a man in Paris to track down Gabriel in Rome.

The Messenger Edit

Paris was the home of Hannah Weinberg. She kept her painting Marguerite Gachet at Her Dressing Table in her childhood bedroom.

The Secret Servant Edit

The Sphinx worked in Paris; it was from Paris that he controlled the abduction of Elizabeth Halton.

Moscow Rules Edit

Gabriel Allon met with Ari Shamron to discuss Gabriel's plan to have Elena Kharkov defect with her children. Air was originally opposed to the idea but allowed himself to be convinced. Adrian Carter and Uzi Navot were present.

The Rembrandt Affair Edit

Portrait of a Spy Edit

A shaheed detonates an explosive vest in front of a restaurant where he works.

Blue Line

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