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Paul VII was the supreme pontiff of the Catholic Church.

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Following Paul's election as Pope, in which he was seen as a compromise candidate, the curia constructed a false story about his childhood in which he grew up in a loving family in Padua, Italy instead of having been a street urchin.

Early in his papacy, Paul told his secretary of state, Marco Brindisi, that he intended to commission a study of the Church's response to the Holocaust; Brindisi opposed this move. Paul told Brindisi he would announce the commission at the Great Synagogue of Rome.

Paul VII persisted in his goal to speak to the Jews of the world through the Jews of Rome. The Office learned that he was the target of execution by Crux Vera and contacted him with the information through Francesco Tiepolo. The Pope decided to proceed with his speech. While he was speaking, Eric Lange entered the Apostolic Palace and killed Marco Brindisi.

When Gabriel Allon was gravely injured chasing Lange, Pope Paul VII ordered that he be allowed to recover in the hospital room normally reserved for popes.

The Pope convened his commission, giving it five years to complete its work. Gabriel asked to speak with Pope Paul VII. At their meeting the Pope explained that he had sent Donati to Moscow to obtain the report about the Lake Garda Meeting from the Russian FSB and that Benjamin Stern was a victim of the Pope's plot; he asked Gabriel's forgiveness and Gabriel consented.

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He was targeted by al-Qaeda twice. The first attack used three suicide bombers and three RPG-7s; the second was an attempt to shoot him by a disaffected Swiss Guard.

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Paul VII is found dead in his private chapel.

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