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Background Edit

Rami is the head of Ari Shamron's security detail.

Key Events Edit

The Kill Artist Edit

Rami tried to convince Ari Shamron that he should be allowed to accompany Ari into the field; Ari declined his help. After most of the action had played out and Gabriel Allon went to see Ari to get the answers he wanted, Rami refused to let Gabriel pass the security point until Gabriel surrendered his weapon.

The English Assassin Edit

Rami accompanied Ari Shamron on two trips to Europe and, for a short while, headed the security detail for Anna Rolfe.

Prince of Fire Edit

Rami provided security for Ari Shamron. He accompanied Shamron to Venice to retrieve Gabriel Allon.

The Messenger Edit

Rami was with Ari Shamron when Ari's car was destroyed by a bomb and Ari was critically injured. Both Rami and the driver were hurt worse than Ari.

The Defector Edit

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