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Sarah Bancroft, who had a degree in art, had recently broken off a relationship; her former boyfriend was on one of the planes that crashed into the trade towers on September 11, 2001.

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Sarah was assigned as the CIA liaison to the office to try to free Elizabeth Halton. Later, Sarah attended Gabriel's and Chiara's wedding.

Moscow Rules Edit

Sarah played the niece of Sir John Boothby, who had to sell a painting by Mary Cassatt. Gabriel Allon painted a copy of the original painting. Elena Kharkov recognized Gabriel's painting as a forgery immediately but told her husband, Ivan Kharkov, to buy it for her.

Gabriel assigned Sarah and Mikhail Abramov to play the part of a couple. After Mikhail met Elena Kharkov, he took her off to feign having a short affair, thereby allowing Gabriel Allon time to recruit Elena to work against her husband, Ivan Kharkov. Sarah and Mikhail feigned an argument. Sarah disappeared and Mikhail followed a short time later after being beat up by Ivan Kharkov's thugs.

The Defector Edit

Sarah was revealed to be in a relationship with Mikhail Abramov of the Office. She distracted Vladimir Chernov in Geneva by posing as a woman Chernov had supposedly scorned to allow Uzi Navot and others to abduct him, his driver and his bodyguard.

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