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Background Edit

Sergei Korovin was a former KGB operative who had once been an advisor to the Egyptians. He had once saved the life of an Israeli agent. He and Ari Shamron occasionally did favors for each other.

Appearance Edit

Korovin and Ari spoke with each other three times.

The first time, they met in a bar. Korovin mentioned the death of two agents and Shamron countered with the opinion that the abduction was ordered by Ivan Kharkov. Sergei denied any involvement by Kharkov, but said the price for Chiara Zolli's safe return was the return of Nicolai and Anna Kharkov to Russia. They agreed to meet again.

The second meeting was in a public garden. Ari told Korovin the rules. If Ivan Kharkov wanted his children back, then he would have to deliver Chiara Zolli to the Israeli embassy in Moscow.

The third meeting was after Chiara's rescue. It…

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