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Tariq al-Hourani was born and raised in a refugee camp in Lebanon. He had served in Force 17, Yasir Arafat's personal bodyguard and covert operations unit. Gabriel Allon killed his brother. Tariq had split with Arafat because of the latter's decision to negotiate with Israel and had become dedicated to destroying the peace process. Tariq had a tumor in his brain that was going to kill him, but he wanted to die under circumstances of his own choosing.

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Al-Hourani killed the Israeli ambassador to France and his party. He then fled to Greece, where he received a message delivered by Achmed Natour to meet with Kemel Azouri. Because Natour's approach constituted a security threat, Al-Hourani killed him.

Al-Hourani met with Azouri, who told him what his next mission woud be and that Leila Khalifa had arranged safe accomodations in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

After killing five people in the Netherlands, al-Hourani flew to Montreal, Canada, where he met with Jacqueline Delacroix, whom he had learned was an agent for the Office. He evaded other Office agents and drove with Jacqueline to New York, New York. Leaving Jacqueline in the custody of Leila Khalifa, al-Hourani sought out Yasir Arafat, whom he intended to kill because Arafat was entering into a peace accord with Israel. Arafat talked al-Hourani out of killing him and al-Hourani began to leave the building. Gabriel Allon intercepted him. Al-Hourani shot Gabriel and was in turn shot and killed by Jacqueline Delacroix.

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  • René
  • Paul
  • Lucien Daveau
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