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Theodor Drexler was a Catholic bishop and rector of the Santa Maria dell'Anima church in Rome.

Key Events Edit

Drexler met with Luigi Donati and Gabriel Allon, whom Donati introduced as Shmuel Rubenstein. Donati told Drexler that he needed access to the papers of Bishop Alöis Hudal; Drexler resisted until Donati pressed the point using the authority of Pope Paul VII. Drexler opened the archives for the two men. Gabriel found a record that Erich Radek had arrived at the Anima in 1948 and was issued an identity document in the name of Otto Krebs. "Krebs" acquired a Red Cross passport and travelled to Syria.

After Donati and Gabriel left, Drexler had Gabriel followed. He then called Ludwig Vogel in Vienna.