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Background Edit

Tiberias is a town on the Sea of Galilee north of Jerusalem, Israel. Tiberias is the home of Ari Shamron.

Appearances Edit

The Kill Artist Edit

Gabriel went to Ari Shamron's home and challenged him about his elaborate plot to kill Tariq al-Hourani, including his use of a deep cover agent named Yusef al-Tawfiki.

The Confessor Edit

Ari Shamron was at home when Gabriel Allon called to discuss contact with an author.

A Death in Vienna Edit

Prince of Fire Edit

Ari Shamron was at home when he received the news of the bombing of the embassy in Rome. After Gabriel escaped from France, he and Ari discussed events while at Ari's home.

The Secret Servant Edit

Gabriel Allon and Chiara Zolli were married at the Shamron residence.

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