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Timothy Peel was the son of an abusive mother with a succession of lovers. She brought Timothy to Cornwall as a child. When she left, he remained. As an adult, he joined the life-saving service. He saved the life of a child and befuddled everyone by not wanting to talk about it.

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The Kill Artist Edit

Peel was a youngster living in Port Navas, Cornwall when he first met Gabriel Allon; he introduced himself as "Peel." His curiosity caused him to enter Gabriel's home. Gabriel caught him and, taking advantage of his curiosity, appointed him as a watchman of sorts. Peel challenged both Ari Shamron and Julian Isherwood when they came to see Gabriel. At the end of the story, Peel sees "the stranger" return.

The Rembrandt Affair Edit

Years later, Peel was an adult and well-regarded local hero when he saw Gabriel return to Port Navas, this time with Chiara at his side.

The Black Widow Edit

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