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Background Edit

The United Kingdom is an island northwest of the European mainland. It consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Key Events Edit

The Kill Artist Edit

Gabriel Allon put Jacqueline Delacroix into contact with Yusef al-Tawfiki, whom Gabriel had learned was a Palestinian terrorist. Al-Tawfiki later took Jacqueline to Heathrow airport, from which she left England to meet Tariq al-Hourani in Paris.

The English Assassin Edit

Julian Isherwood paid Gabriel Allon for his work in cleaning a painting and asked him to go clean a painting in Zurich. Gabriel later returned to London to learn about the Third Reich and Swiss looting of European art collections during World War II.

The Confessor Edit

Gabriel Allon met with Peter Malone to discuss the murder of Benjamin Stern; a short time later, Eric Lange murdered Malone under contract from Carlo Casagrande. Mordecai took Lange's picture.

Prince of Fire Edit

Gabriel Allon authenticated a painting as being by Rubens rather than Quellinus for Julian Isherwood. Julian asked Gabriel to do the cleaning and restoration. Gabriel said he would give Julian an answer during the coming week. Gabriel then went to visit his wife. His intention was to tell Leah about Chiara Zolli, but Leah was unresponsive. Later, Leah is abducted from the Stratford Clinic; she was taken to Paris.

The Messenger Edit

Gabriel Allon's Team set up a safe house in Surrey to train Sarah Bancroft and use as a base from which to deploy against Abdul Aziz al-Bakari.

The Secret Servant Edit

Elizabeth Halton was abducted from Hyde Park. Gabriel Allon attempted to intervene. He killed one terrorist but was then clubbed unconscious by a police officer. A command center was established at the American Embassy.

The Rembrandt Affair Edit

The English Girl Edit

The English Spy Edit

The Other Woman Edit

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