I've spent my career living in your shadow, Gabriel. It's not easy. It makes me feel like a consolation prize.
— Uzi Navot
— Moscow Rules

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Uzi Navot was a director of the Office. Navot was a devoted follower of Ari Shamron; at the same time, he resented Gabriel Allon and Shamron's affection for Gabriel.

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The Kill Artist Edit

Uzi was head of the Office's Paris station. After the murder of the ambassador, Uzi flew to Israeli to bring a video tape to Ari Shamron. He then visited Bella.

The English Assassin Edit

Uzi was head of the Office's Paris station. Gabriel contacted him for support in a surveillance. Uzi gave him the support he needed, but was angry that Shamron did not assign the task to him.

A Death in Vienna Edit

Uzi assisted in the arrest of Erich Radek by portraying Oskar Lange, a lawyer working with Konrad Becker. At a critical moment, he subdued Radek's bodyguard and helped force Radek into an fake police vehicle. He rode in the vehicle and gave Radek an injection before transferring him to a van.

Prince of Fire Edit

Uzi opened a safe house for Gabriel and Leah Allon. He transported Leah to Warsaw, Poland where she took the place of the female tourist from Israel for a flight to Israel; Uzi assured Gabriel that he would accompany her.

The Messenger Edit

Uzi meets Gabriel at a restaurant in Paris and provides information about Hannah Weinberg. He then flew to Israel to be offered and accept the position of chief of special operations of the Office. His first operation was the killing of Abdul Aziz al-Bakari.

The Secret Servant Edit

Uzi meets Gabriel Allon at Ben Gurion Airport and tells him of the death of an office asset recruited and handled by Ari Shamron personally.

Moscow Rules Edit

Uzi meets Gabriel Allon at a restaurant in Assisi, Italy to tell him about the murder of a Russian journalist in Courchevel, France.

The Defector Edit

Uzi flew to Italy to speak with Gabriel Allon. After they dispensed with the unpleasantness of Gabriel not having been invited to Uzi's wedding to Bella, Uzi told Gabriel that he was being summoned to Jerusalem because Colonel Grigori Bulganov had disappeared.

The Rembrandt Affair Edit

Uzi had been promoted to director of the Office. He greeted Gabriel and Chiara somewhat warily after they were extracted from Argentina. He tried to avoid getting involved in Gabriel's search for a missing Rembrandt painting, but had no choice when Ari Shamron went behind his back to Israel's Prime Minister. However, when the connection to Martin Landesmann's sale of centrifuge parts to Iran was revealed, Uzi became an enthusiast.

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  • Austrian heritage
  • He dislikes classical music and perceives fine arts as boredom
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