Background Edit

Vladimir Chernov was a former KGB officer and a security consultant to wealthy Russians. He lived in Geneva, Switzerland.

Appearance Edit

Chernov acted as a conduit between Ivan Kharkov and Anton Petrov for the abductions of Grigori Bulganov and Chiara Zolli.

The Office set Chernov up. In Geneva, Sarah Bancroft pretended to be a woman by whom he had fathered a child. While Chernov was disoriented, Uzi Navot and Yaakov Rossman moved in to take him. He and his bodyguards were captured and taken across the border into France. Gabriel Allon and others tied Chernov and his men into chairs. Gabriel killed the two men by shooting them in their heads. He then told Chernov he wanted to know the name of the man whose photo he showed him. Chernov identified the man as Anton Petrov and told him he paid Petrov by putting money in a safety deposit box in the Becker & Puhl Bank. Gabriel then left for Geneva and Zurich; an unidentified Office agent killed Chernov.

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