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Yakoov Rossman was a member of the domestic intelligence service shabak and an agent leader in the Iran, the west-bank and the gaza strip . He has a pockmarked face and appears to be very intimidating. After Gabriel becomes director of the Office, Yakoov is assigned the boss of the special operations unit. He's fluent in Arabic and is an expert for Arabian and Islamic culture.

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After joining the team, Yaakov took Gabriel to a meeting with a man who told Gabriel about a woman who called Yasir Arafat's headquarters and passed information from a friend named "Tony."

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Yaakov and Oded escorted Ibrahim Fawaz to Copenhagen.

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House of Spies Edit

During the operation, Yaakov lives in the house outside of Ramatuelle together with Gabriel, Paul Rousseau, Dina, Yossi, Eli Lavon and Rimona. The morning after René Deveraux' confession, Yaakov is the driver of the car that picks up Keller together with Mikhail.

When the team moves to Morocco for the final stages of the operation, Yaakov lives in the house in Casablanca together with Gabriel, Eli and Dina. Upon Gabriel's arrival he explains the problem with the djin and what to do against it. After Mohammad Bakkar has invited Jean-Luc Martel as well as the Antonows to dinner in the Sahara, Yaakov is with Gabriel who listens to the dialouge between Keller and Martel over and over and worries whether they lost Martel. Yaakov reassures him and doesn't seem to worry as much.

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