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Yossi Gavish was a researcher who later joined Gabriel Allon's Team. He studied philosophy at the All Souls College in Oxford and has tried his luck as an actor and plays the cello. He speaks Hebrew with a pronounced english accent.

Appearances Edit

The Kill Artist Edit

Yossi told Ari Shamron about the Greek police having found a murdered Achmed Natour in a villa on the island of Samos.

The Confessor Edit

Yossi provides files about an abduction and about the Leopard to Ari Shamron.

Prince of Fire Edit

Yossi became a member of Gabriel Allon's Team.

The Messenger Edit

The Secret Servant Edit

Moscow Rules Edit

The Defector Edit

The Rembrandt Affair Edit

Portrait of a Spy Edit

The Fallen Angel Edit

The English Girl Edit

The Heist Edit

The English Spy Edit

The Black Widow Edit

House of Spies Edit

Yossi starts concentrating on the man Jean-Luc Martel was together with Rimona Stern at the beginning of the operation.

The Other Woman Edit

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