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The real Yusef al-Tawfiki was a Palestinian youth who was killed during a massacre. The man called Yusef al-Tawfiki was an Israeli agent who assumed the name; Ari Shamron inserted him into the Palestine Liberation Organization.

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Ari said Al-Tawfiki had been identified as a member of Tariq al-Hourani's network and that access to al-Hourani could be gained through al-Tawfiki. Gabriel Allon began a surveillance of al-Tawfiki which involved sending Jacqueline Delacroix to become al-Tawfiki's lover. It was not clear whether Ari warned al-Tawfiki about Gabriel and Jacqueline, but al-Tawfiki notified Kemel Azouri that Gabriel had made an initial move against the Palestinians. Azouri told al-Tawfiki to maintain his relationship with Jacqueline. Soon afterward, al-Tawfiki told Jacqueline that he needed her to accompany a man who would be using the name Lucien Daveau to a destination he did not divulge.

Al-Tawfiki flew to Paris with Jacqueline and left her at a coffee shop to picked up by Leila Khalifa. He then moved to central Paris and, after ensuring that he had not been followed, went to an apartment to meet with Uzi Navot.

When Gabriel returned to Israel he saw al-Tawfiki outside a restaurant. Gabriel challenged the man, who confirmed that he had always been working for Ari. Gabriel questioned Ari, who confirmed that he had sent al-Tawfiki to be seen by Gabriel, that he had inserted him into the Palestinian environment as a young teenager and that al-Tawfiki had eventually been recruited by al-Hourani's network.