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Background Edit

Zurich is a banking center of Switzerland.

Appearances Edit

The English Assassin Edit

Gabriel Allon went to Zurich to clean a painting at the request of Julian Isherwood; he found Augustus Rolfe dead in his home. Anna Rolfe finds two safety deposit boxes formerly belonging to her deceased father which contain cash, stolen art and incriminating documents, including Augustus Rolfe's Letter.

The Confessor Edit

Carlo Casagrande met Eric Lange and used a safety deposit box at Becker & Puhl Bank to pay him.

A Death in Vienna Edit

Konrad Becker is suborned by the CIA.

The Defector Edit

The Office waits for Anton Petrov to come to Becker & Puhl Bank to pick up a payment. They capture him even after he becomes suspicious. Eventually, Office personnel convince Petrov to sign over the contents to Konrad Becker as compensation for the damages suffered during Petrov's capture.

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